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The Anshara Institute Certification Program

Become a Holistic Anshara Facilitator and learn the Anshara Method for Accelerated Healing and Abundance (Anshara AHA! Method®). The Anshara Method was developed and implemented over the last 31 years by its inventor, Sherry Anshara. This method is used to facilitate Accelerated Healing in the body. As part of your certification in the Anshara Method you will learn the following:

  • How to utilize a client’s own clear Cellular Memory to assist them release stored traumatic memories (Cellular Memorizations)

  • The correlation between words and disease (Wordology is your Biology™)

  • Active listening skills to empower your clients in releasing stored traumatic information

    from their cells

  • How to recognize the programming caused by cellular memorization

  • How to connect to the Natural Intelligence (NI) in the body

  • Comprehending energy and how it flows in the body

  • Comprehending the Quantum Dynamics of the physical human body through the study of anatomy, physiology, and nutrition

  • How to let pain show you the purpose it has in the body

  • The Anshara Cranial Sacral Method.

  • How to integrate the Anshara method into your current practice.

  • Business practices to implement your new career into a business.

Question: Do I have to take all of the classes or can I take individual classes?

Answer: We will be offering individual courses that can be taken.

We will be starting enrollment in May 2024 for the Holistic Anshara Facilitator!

The classes will be a hybrid program of online learning and one weekend practicum.

Learn how to Facilitate the Anshara AHA! Method®. The powerful aspect of this method is that it will help you personally and it will provide you with a new tool to assist your clients or patients where the illness, disease or dysfunction began and how to assist in accelerating their healing.


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